Our County St facility spans 114,000 square feet and offers 10,000 pallet positions. Equipped with advanced features including surveillance systems, 10 dock spaces with levelers, and an advanced Freon system, ensuring optimal storage conditions and security.

190 County St, Suffolk, VA 23434

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7:30am- 3:30pm


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Notes for truck drivers:
  • Entry: Please proceed up the yellow steps and go straight ahead where it says ALL TRUCKERS
  • Check-in: For deliveries, please have your bill of lading and your grade certifications in hand
  • Deliveries: *For Pickups, please have PO# ready.
  • Requirements: All trailers must meet the FSMA guidelines for Sanitary Transportation of Human Food. Trailers need to be clean, dry, no odor, no holes, no glass or metal shavings.
  • Safety: During the loading/unloading process, please remain in your cab for safety concerns.
  • Departure: Once finished loading/unloading, proceed back to the door that says ALL TRUCKERS to receive your paperwork.

Loading Requirements

If any of the conditions below exist in your trailer, we cannot load it.

Holes in the floor, walls, or ceiling

Odor of any kind

(good or bad)

Foreign materials

Such as glass or metal embedded in the floor or walls

Insect or animal infestation or evidence of an infestation

Damaged doors that will not seal properly

Wet, damp or condensation on floors or walls


soybeans, pecans, other tree nuts, wheat, wheat flour

Oils or residue on the floor from previous load hauled

Reefer unit not working properly

Virginia Cold Storage is a food-grade facility, and we require that all trailers picking up peanuts meet the FSMA guidelines for Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food.

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