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Ensuring accurate count and condition of products through thorough verification processes. Conducting rigorous quality inspections on both trucks and products upon arrival for added assurance. Our team of certified forklift operators expertly handles the transportation of goods into our state-of-the-art cold storage facilities, catering to short and long-term storage needs with precision and care.


Maintaining precise refrigerated temperatures ranging from +38° to +44° F to ensure optimal storage conditions for raw commodities. Implementing proper tempering procedures to facilitate seamless equilibration of commodities with the ambient environment, mitigating condensation risks and preventing mold development.

Order Assembly

Retrieval of full pallet or individual cases as specified by customer. Single case picking, stretch wrapping and marking of pallet with shipping ID.

Additional Services

Providing comprehensive additional services including accurate weight recording, efficient receipt of products in full pallet quantities, and staging for prompt re-shipment. Offering flexible loading and unloading options such as hand-stacking, floor loading, or palletization based on individual needs. Customized labeling and stamping services are available to meet specific customer requirements. Enhancing product protection with plastic stretch wrapping for storage or transit. Utilizing slip-sheet loading/unloading techniques for palletized product handling using specialized forklift attachments.

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